James Book of Revelation: Four

deeply concerned about this new ‘coronavirus’, I asked for help

How long am I going to continue to clean surfaces, be careful what I touch, avoid people, have my coffee breaks at home (or in my car) and worry about how dangerous this is should I be so unlucky as to ‘catch’ this? After all, my wife and I are both over 65 and so considered to be in the ‘most vulnerable’ age group where it could be life-threatening.

So one night, just before retiring for the day, I decided to ask for help from our Creator. That night, in a vision, I got my answer.

ask and it shall be given

Or it’s ‘ask and thou shalt receive’, from Matthew 7:7 in the Bible (I looked it up). I have asked Spirit questions many times in the past (and still have many questions!) regarding my spiritual life — and questions to do with relationship issues, financial issues and health issues — usually during meditation, contemplation or before going to sleep at night. Most of the time I don’t get an answer that I can remember, is clear enough, or that makes sense. That’s if I get an answer at all!

connect to your higher self

You can call it your Spirit or Soul self, or as some prefer, the subconscious part of your mind. For me, meditation or quiet contemplation are the best ways to connect with my ‘other’ or Soul self. I won’t go into all the ways of doing this. I will say this, though: you need to ‘still’ the mind, that is, drop all thoughts, worries, and, above all, you must relax. And you must be sincere. And it must come from the heart. And it must be of some urgency, not just out of curiosity or of some frivolous nature, if you know what I mean!

are you ready for the truth?

You can do all the right things and still not get an answer. Sort of like a child that asks their parent a question about something that the child obviously is not old enough or mature enough to understand or comprehend. In that case the parent may give an answer (or partial answer) that the child may find acceptable — for the time being.

“You can’t handle the truth” (That is a line from the movie A Few Good Men)

In this context of asking for answers from your Higher Self (or from God if you wish), the truth may be so disturbing, or be so different from what you expect, or be beyond anything that you have experienced in your lifetime, that it gets ‘screened out’ by your mind censor. Either you get nothing or you get answers that are reduced to that which is safe, familiar, and predictable (and acceptable). Thus the usual need for ‘interpretation’!

how does the answer come?

There seems to be no limit as to the ways answers come from within (or without)! A Voice, a lucid dream, a hazy dream, a nudge to go in some direction (and often when you least expect it), a sign like a certain animal crossing your path, or even a literal sign such as that on the side of a truck!

When I asked about the seriousness of this ‘coronavirus’ my answer came in a vision in the middle of the night. In retrospect, I now believe that I received this vision not for my own benefit only but for the benefit of the entire world! Or at least for as many people as I can reach with my message, directly or indirectly.

the vision

It was that night sometime near the end of March, after asking for help from our Creator, that I was awakened from a deep sleep, in the middle of the night, and received an answer in a vision. Unlike other visions in which I was a passive observer, in this instance I was a character in an unfolding scene — a small boy walking along a narrow road in what seemed to be a small quaint village.

There was no one around, no cars or other people, just me. Suddenly it started to rain. But what fell from the sky were not water drops but soap bubbles! I was so overcome with joy and amazement that I began to skip and wave my arms around as the soap bubbles fell, some bursting as they landed on me!

There was no fear, only trust. After all, I don’t know of anyone, child or adult, who would be afraid of soap bubbles!

The scene and vision quickly ended and I was back in my bed, but now awake in my physical body, trying to make sense of the whole ‘experience’ which lasted less than a minute before falling asleep again. In the morning, with a complete memory of the vision, I felt a lingering joy which continued for the rest of the day.

interpreting the vision

What could I think or say? This ‘virus’ is as harmless as a soap bubble? Certainly nothing to fear. Who could I tell this to? Who would believe me? Anybody I told this to, believing this to be a highly infectious and deadly virus, would think I was right out of my mind! Even my wife was skeptical! So I decided, for the time being, to keep silent about my vision and its ramifications.

later interpretation

It wasn’t until much ‘down the road’, during the summer months, that I discovered the full meaning of my vision. That ‘viruses’ are indeed cleaning agents (like soap), genetic material created internally within a cell to rid the body of toxins coming from our environment! All part of our natural immune system response!

Toxins include poisons from pollution of various sorts, some of which come from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and emfs (electro magnetic radiation) that we are exposed to. Depending on the nature and quantity of the toxins our cells have to expel, we may or may not experience ‘symptoms’ of various sorts and severity.

What Spirit was showing me was Divine Truth. And this is now being backed up by science!

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(includes reference to James Book of Revelation: three and five)