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isolation and free time

I should really call it relative isolation since my wife and I did go out each day for short walks in our neighbourhood. And I did drive to local stores, the ones that were deemed ‘essential’, to get groceries. Our government advised everyone to go out only to get groceries or medicine, once a week by a ‘designated’ person in the household.

In order to avoid long lines of shoppers, all six feet apart from each other, all waiting for a signal from a store employee that would allow the next shopper or two to enter, I tried to find times when most shoppers had other things on their minds than shopping. Of course, I could show up at the designated ‘senior hour’, but 7 am was too early for me as I preferred to sleep in rather than face a world gone mad.

Meanwhile my favourite ‘gurus’ on Instagram were flashing messages about staying ‘calm’ and using this newly discovered ‘free time’ to start a new hobby or catch up on some old ones that have been on hold. Fine for me and my wife as we are both officially ‘retired’ and on pension, although we still depend on income from our online business to pay our bills. But what about those persons who have just lost their jobs and the businesses that were forced to close due to the ‘lockdown’? Free time can be quite expensive!

my blogs, my message

I have to admit, I have an ‘issue’ with procrastination, always have. Why do it today when it can wait until tomorrow? Unless, of course, it’s an emergency, like making my mortgage payment on time. Not to complain, but there just always seems to be an endless list of ‘things to do’. Strike one off the list, add two more, if you know what I mean!

That brings me to my blogs, four of them, so as not to mix up my ‘themes’. First laid out a plan for them back in the fall of 2017. It took me over 2 years putting everything together. By March of 2020 I had everything in place, but offline and no posts yet! Except for a pile of notes accumulated over time, some handwritten in a journal, some in Wordpad.

Things were different now, though. I felt an urgency to put out my message (in the form of blog posts — Instagram and Facebook would come later), given the ‘fine mess’ our world has gotten itself into!

So I decided to write my blog posts during my coffee breaks, which were, for now, at home. I wanted to have, offline at first, at least 4 posts pre-written for each of my blogs, before launching them live. That way I figured I would always have posts written in advance, less stress!

my message

My message: The truth about illness and disease — all about spiritual freedom — all about the vast worlds of heaven (and dimensions not so heavenly) — the truth about our universe and aliens a.k.a. extraterrestrials — and more…

I don’t want to get into the details of my message here — you can get the gist of it by checking out the sidebars and reading some of my posts in each of my four blogs.

fourth apocalyptic vision

apocalypse: revelation

My goal was to launch my blogs online on April 15 or thereabouts but only a couple of weeks into the lockdown, near the end of March, things changed dramatically for me when I had my fourth apocalyptic vision.

What happened to the second and third ‘vision’ you might ask? Well, the third one got buried among pages and pages of handwritten notes and ‘dream’ journal entries. Completely forgotten since at the time I had the vision (January 10, 2020), it didn’t seem relevant to anything that may come to pass anytime soon. Boy was I mistaken! I got a shock when I ‘discovered’ the entry some time later in June, after the world was effectively shut down! As for the second revelation, I haven’t decided yet when to post it, or even whether to post it, because of its disturbing ramifications regarding the future of our human civilization.

Now back to the fourth apocalyptic vision. I am writing a separate post regarding this one, with all the details included (it will be called ‘James Book of Revelation: Four). Suffice is to say at this point that it changed everything for me regarding this — what are they calling it? — A ‘pandemic’? Really?


1. this is part three of this series
2. about the word bokonamirus: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter r for the letter k, and the letter v for the letter m and you get the ‘c’ word, a word I choose not to speak or think about, because doing so embeds it in the subconscious, making something real out of something that may be false. You see, the more one uses a certain word or expression, the more it and its implications become part of one’s reality, reality as one perceives it, not necessarily the reality behind the facade or illusion that the word creates.

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