Bokonamirus 2020 four — April, May and June

freedom from fear — the day after vision four

Vision four: ‘soap bubbles’. For the first time since d-day (read ‘deception’ day) I no longer feared ‘catching’ something that virtually everyone on the planet believes has a high mortality rate and can kill you or make you very sick if you’re not being extremely careful.

No more obsessive hand washing and cleaning of surfaces with isopropyl alcohol a.k.a ‘hand sanitizer’ — a chemical that is really more dangerous to your health than any ‘virus’.

I could actually go out and breathe the fresh air without fearing some deadly contagion is floating with it. And get some sun at the same time.

Going into stores I was no longer hesitant to touch surfaces like counters, touch products on shelves without wearing gloves (never did wear them anyway!). And not afraid to touch my face after touching multiple surfaces.

challenging times

You would think that being liberated from this particular fear made life easier during this time. In one obvious way it did, but life also became challenging. But not in the way our government and main stream media presented it! That is, having to ‘social distance’, avoid friends, wash hands frequently, use a hand sanitizer…

My challenge was to remain calm and not be affected when seeing people everywhere being turned into vegetables by government and media propaganda and fearmongering. Awakened ones, that is, those among us who have since awakened to the truth of what is really going on, call them ‘sheeple’.

I’m reminded of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers where tiny aliens from somewhere in outer space land on living things, including humans, and clone their bodies into some form of vegetable matter while they are sleeping. The original body then disintegrates. What is happening now on a world scale is Invasion of the Mind Snatchers! People’s minds fall asleep while watching and listening to main stream media.

I’m almost afraid that, walking down the street or in a supermarket, someone will spot and point the finger at me and yell out “human!”. Especially as I’m not wearing a mask, and/or a plastic shield over my head, and blue gloves.

I guess I shouldn’t be so critical of all the people I see wearing masks, gloves, and being so scared. After all, they have not had the truth revealed to them due to the censorship and propaganda so pervasive across main stream media and social media.

Even so, I sometimes can barely control myself and want to yell out, as the main character did in the movie Planet of the Apes, “It’s a mad house!”.

unprecedented times

These are indeed ‘unprecedented’ times. Again, not in the way government and main stream media presents it! So what is unprecedented?

– worldwide scourge of fear using a fabricated ‘pandemic’ and a worldwide propaganda machine
– attack on humanity using ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ as weapons
– worldwide destruction of peoples lives and livelihoods with economic ‘lockdowns’
– widespread child abuse through mandating the wearing of masks by children
– rampant censorship of free speech on social media platforms and main stream media

I may add to this list at a later date in case of think of more unprecedented abuses of our freedoms

take-out only and april chills

April this year was especially chilly, with cold weather persisting near to the end of the month, unusual for Toronto, even if it is in Canada.

As the weather got a bit warmer near the end of the month, my wife and I started taking our coffee from take-out to local parks, instead of sipping it in the car in a parking lot. A different park or parkette each time made it less boring. With few people in sight, we could wander the parks with our coffee cups and/or mugs in hand, snacking on energy bars while avoiding wet grassy areas still thawing out from the cold.

the hawk heralds launch of my blogs

Meanwhile, my coffee breaks at home became less frequent as we ventured out more often. Nevertheless, I continued writing and preparing the online launch of my four blogs, set for May 1.

In the evening before launch date, returning from my coffee break, and as I was about to pull into my driveway, I received a ‘sign’. From Spirit. Not that I was especially looking for one, but often wondered if writing these blogs (present one included) would make any difference or impact on unfolding events to do with bomic91 (see Notes below) in my home city of Toronto, let alone the rest of the world.

A red tailed hawk, sitting on a branch in the birch tree beside our driveway and in front of our house, suddenly spread its wings and took flight, up and across the driveway, landing on top of the lamp post that was to the right of the driveway! Never witnessed anything like this before!

I have had animals cross my path before, the meaning of which I looked up on blogs to do with native spirit animal symbolism — but a hawk is a first for me — means I am on the right path in life, so I take it that the hawk is telling me I am doing the right and perhaps even necessary thing with my blogs.

park benches and empty playgrounds

As the weather got still warmer in May and into June we spent more and more time in the parks, walking around, sitting on benches and having our coffee/tea and reading our books, paper or digital.

Still there were few people in sight and all of the kids playgrounds were taped up with yellow police tape, making them look like crime scenes.

third and fifth apocalyptic visions

apocalypse: revelation

It was during the day in the middle of May that I made a startling discovery. Flipping through some pages of my journal, I came across an entry that I had completely forgotten about. An entry dated January 10 (2020) and titled ‘prophecy’. In it I made a short note of a prophetic vision I had in the middle of the night. This has now become my third apocalyptic vision (see my next post, James Book of Revelation: Three). The whole world is now living the nightmare that this vision had foretold.

Just over a month later, on June 25, I made another entry about another vision I had in the early hours of that morning, 3:00 am to be precise. It became my fifth apocalyptic vision that I will be posting after the next one, with the title James Book of Revelation: Five. Unless the people of our world wake up, and soon, our civilization will descend into a worse nightmare, an agenda revealed in this, my fifth, vision!

the raven reminds me of my mission

I am slowly coming to terms with what I believe is my mission — to be a messenger of Light. Something that Spirit has been preparing me for, over the last 50 years, since that evening in 1969 when I was taken out of my physical body and given a glimpse of dimensions beyond this physical one.

So why has it been so difficult finding the time and the motivation to continue writing? I guess because, in addition to my being a chronic procrastinator, I find some days to be depressing and demoralizing, watching the parade of events as they unfold, with the continued fearmongering by our government and medical ‘officials’.

So I needed a little persuasion. On June 1st, another bird, a raven, crossed my path. This time it was as I approached the take out line at a local coffee shop. Ours was the only car in the line! I looked up and saw a large black bird sitting on top of a lamp post. It suddenly spread its wings and took flight, making the calls that identified it as a raven. What it was telling me was to get off my butt and spread the Light that was coming through me!

curve flattened so what’s the deal?

Back in March and April we were repeatedly told that the ‘lockdown’ of our economy (and of peoples lives) was necessary to ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘lower the spike’ so that there would be a lower mortality rate from this bokonamirus, even though it may take longer than if the country were not shut down.

Well, by the end of June there was no more spike and, not only was the curve ‘flattened’, there was hardly a curve at all! The daily mortality rate was near approaching zero. Did our government declare that the ‘pandemic’ was over? You already know the answer to that!


1. this is part four of this series
2. about the word bokonamirus: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter r for the letter k, and the letter v for the letter m and you get the ‘c’ word, a word I choose not to speak or think about, because doing so embeds it in the subconscious, making something real out of something that may be false. You see, the more one uses a certain word or expression, the more it and its implications become part of one’s reality, reality as one perceives it, not necessarily the reality behind the facade or illusion that the word creates.
3. about the word bomik91: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter v for the letter m, the letter d for the letter k, and reverse the two digits of 91. This is the new term for spreading fear throughout the world. You hear and see it everywhere, main stream media especially. Beware the bomik91 monster, it will get you if you are not careful! Nice touch. It is in actuality another version or strain of a common group of bokonamiruses —in fact, not as deadly as first thought, and includes the common cold.

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