About me

About me

James Davidovich, author, mystic, spiritual traveler

Creator of the Active Healing method of self healing and author of Active Healing and Body Restoration
successfully healed myself of many painful and serious conditions such as fibromyalgia, TMJ, skeletomuscular problems and poor eyesight using energy healing methods, all explained in my book. For details, check out my story.

As a sidenote: besides the obvious benefits of self healing to reduce and/or eliminate painful conditions, I also found over the span of many years that it is important to have a pain-free, healthy body if you are interested in meditation and wish to pursue the path of the mystic and spiritual traveler.


I call myself a mystic for want of a better term for — an observer or active participant, using my ‘spirit body’, of the goings-on within the dimensions commonly referred to as being on the ‘other side’, retaining, in whole or in part, a memory of such experiences.

There are countless numbers of mystics and ‘gurus’ in our world. However, a true mystic is akin to a Satguru, meaning ‘true guru’ in Sanskrit. Rather than a belief in the ‘afterlife’, heavenly planes and other dimensions, a true mystic has direct experience and awareness of these things, of the greater reality which is within each of us. All have the potential but it lies dormant until the ‘inner eye’ is opened and the connection to the higher or true Self is awakened.

spiritual traveler

My journey as a mystic began abruptly at age 20, when, while dozing off from reading some university course material on my bed one evening, I had my first spontaneous ‘obe’, or ‘out-of-body’ experience. Not something I planned for or even knew anything about!

Over the years, after much trial and error and experimentation I became more adept at moving into altered states of consciousness, traveling to other dimensions and parallel worlds, often ending up in strange places, experiencing a whole range of ‘adventures’, but not always retaining a full memory of such — thus becoming a spiritual traveler.

This is my main blog, to do with exploring, unraveling, and shedding light on, the great mysteries of our world, of our universe, and of what lies beyond.