Bokonamirus 2020 five — the long hot summer — and masks

mask mandates everywhere

It is now July and the city of Toronto (where I live) just passed a by-law requiring the wearing of masks in all indoor public spaces. The ‘essential’ ones that are still open, that is, like grocery stores. And don’t forget the ‘essential’ liquor store! Unless, of course, you are a child under the age of 2 or are ‘exempt’ under the by-law.

Our mayor and his stooges in the city council passed the by-law in hopes of “beating this thing”, referring of course to Bomik91. Even though the number of ‘cases’ per day were approaching zero and there were few deaths reported that were presumed to be due to this bokonamirus. I guess they have their own ‘upside down’ logic! Unless there is another agenda that most do not know about? Of course there is! See my post ‘James Book of Revelation: Five’.

a refugee in my own country

Well, my wife and I really didn’t want to start wearing a mask, since we know the truth about this nonexistent bomik91. And especially in the searing heat of summer! Before this by-law came into effect, many customers were already wearing masks inside stores, so these people must have felt it was right to have our government impose this requirement on the rest of the population that only want to continue breathing fresh air instead of their own exhaled carbon dioxide.

Luckily, and for now, regions outside of our city did not pass such a by-law. So for now, the usual stores I go to are out. Instead, I ‘plan’ my trips outside the city limits just to go to the drug and grocery stores and avoid being told to wear a mask at the entrance. This also goes for coffee shops like Starbucks.

But that didn’t last long for within a couple of weeks most regions passed their own mask mandates. So what was I supposed to do? Plan ‘day trips’ to the boonies or resign to wearing a mask when asked to?

Starbucks gestapo

I decided to see what happens when I enter a Starbucks here in my city without a mask. The barista at the counter, a young female, immediately asked me if I have a mask. “No”, I replied; “Do I have to wear one?”; “Yes”, she replied; “It’s the law”. I felt like clicking my heels and yelling “Ya vol, mein fuhrer!”

She reached into a large box containing dozens of paper sleeves, each one containing something made out of black cloth. She handed me one of the sleeves which now I could see contained a ‘face covering’, big enough to cover both my nose and mouth, and with two loops on each side. I wrapped the two outer loops around my ears. I guess they provided the two inner loops in case you had a narrow head!

Now I was good to go and she took my order. Now I could blend in with all of the other faceless patrons inside, until I could escape to the outdoors and remove the rag from my face! Luckily this Starbucks had a large outside patio and, being in the middle of summer, was crowded (people with real faces) with hardly a table left.

cafes and restaurants move to the streets

With no indoor dining allowed, what do restaurants and cafes do to get more business, other than takeout? I soon found out. Downtown restaurants were setting up tables and chairs not only on wide (and widened) sidewalks, but even right on the dirty curbs of the streets, where cars used to park, with flimsy looking outside barriers, if that would really prevent you from being run over by a car!

limited indoor dining and movie theatres

Soon though, some regions were allowed ‘limited’ indoor dining. Good news, at least for the time being until the expected ‘second wave’ hits in the fall.

What did places that offered limited indoor dining look like? I was about to find out. Entering a local Tim Hortons coffee shop was like entering a mad house or a scene out of someone’s nightmare! On the front door, a notice with a mug shot of a faceless person wearing a mask, cautioning that whoever entered must wear a mask or be denied service. Inside, ‘one way’ traffic stickers on the floor; tables and chairs piled up in corners wrapped with yellow police tape; a few tables and chairs ‘available’ that are at least six feet apart from each other; washrooms barred with more stacked up tables and chairs. In one Starbucks, the manager ushered patrons to tables with a green circle thing on top. If the table had a red circle, you weren’t allowed to sit there. The table had to be cleaned first, then the red circle would be turned over to reveal the green side!

My wife and I were finally, after months of waiting, able to attend a movie theatre to see ‘The Trip to Greece’. It might as well been titled ‘the trip to sanity’ as the movie was obviously made before the lockdowns, since no one in the movie was wearing a mask or social distancing. Still, you had to wear a face covering until you found your seat, all being numbered now, with only every second row available. Besides us, there were only two other persons sitting in the whole theatre as far as we could tell, and they were both over 40 feet away from us! I guess people were still too afraid to have a good time at the movies, just in case the popcorn was contaminated!


1. this is part five of this series
2. about the word bokonamirus: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter r for the letter k, and the letter v for the letter m and you get the ‘c’ word, a word I choose not to speak or think about, because doing so embeds it in the subconscious, making something real out of something that may be false. You see, the more one uses a certain word or expression, the more it and its implications become part of one’s reality, reality as one perceives it, not necessarily the reality behind the facade or illusion that the word creates.
3. about the word bomik91: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter v for the letter m, the letter d for the letter k, and reverse the two digits of 91. This is the new term for spreading fear throughout the world. You hear and see it everywhere, main stream media especially. Beware the bomik91 monster, it will get you if you are not careful! Nice touch. It is in actuality another version or strain of a common group of bokonamiruses —in fact, not as deadly as first thought, and includes the common cold.

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