James Book of Revelation: One

I saw it coming, I saw something coming! You see, from time to time I get these prophetic ‘visions’, during an altered consciousness state while meditating or in an especially lucid ‘dream’ state. I don’t make it a practice to try and predict the future — I’m not in the fortune telling business! And I really don’t know why Spirit sends me these visions. I suppose so that I would write about them, (eventually), so I’m a ‘messenger’ of sorts.

As anybody who attempts to make future world predictions knows, prophetic dreams or visions are usually symbolical, requiring ‘interpretation’. My own vision regarding what is currently happening (albeit in retrospect!), what main stream media refer to as the ‘pandemic’, is no different.

What follows is my take on what has been happening, and is still happening (in the present year of 2020), on our planet Earth and in the subtle planes near our Earth plane.

Introduction: Seeing our planet through telescopes and physical eyes

By now, almost everyone has seen what our planet looks like from outer space, if we can trust our TV sets and computers to display an accurate picture, that is! Looks beautiful, eh? Nice blue and white, with a touch of ‘earth’ colours, greens and browns.

It’s an illusion. Our physical eyes see only a small band of ‘visible’ frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum. Actually, we really don’t see anything with our eyes which are basically receptors. It’s the mind (via the brain) that interprets the visual data and forms a picture.

Mind censor reducing mechanism

The mind not only interprets visual data received through our eyes, but it also reduces the data to make the visual image manageable, so that we are not overwhelmed by it and thrown off balance, a sort of ‘fail safe’ mechanism. This process can and does go out of control with mind altering drugs a.k.a. hallucinogenic drugs like LSD.

The bottom line here is, as I’m not an expert in the technical/scientific aspects of this, what you end up seeing is that which is safe, familiar, and predictable.

Extended vision

Psychics, some of them at least, have what I call ‘extended vision’. They can see what is not familiar, not common and predictable — things like auras (energy fields) around people and animals and plants too! Just like infrared cameras can ‘see’ infrared frequencies — another example of extended vision.

Seeing our planet with spiritual eyes — Interdimensional vision

There is another form of ‘seeing’ that I call ‘Interdimensional vision’. This is something that has absolutely nothing to do with our physical eyes. It is seeing with what mystics call the spiritual, or ‘third’ eye! It is also referred to as the inner eye.

The vision

It was one night (about a year or so ago, about the middle of 2019) that I was awakened in the dream state, taken in Spirit body and moved (in an instant) to a vantage point in outer space above our planet, I’d say in retrospect about 100K or so miles, directly above the continent of Asia.

I was not seeing with physical eyes but with spiritual eyes. What I saw would stun even those that thought they have seen it all. Planet Earth was almost completely obscured by a large dark cloud!

Interpreting the vision — the Field

As I later tried to understand what I saw, what came to mind at first was that our planet was hit by a large destructive asteroid, causing ash to spew out and envelop the Earth’s atmosphere, with the epicentre being somewhere in central Asia.

Sometime later I altered my interpretation of what I had seen. It was still a cloud but one of a different sort — a cloud made up of the collective consciousness of everyone (us humans, that is) on our planet. A cloud that surrounds the whole planet. Joseph, ‘a highly evolved spirit guide’ residing somewhere within the inner planes, calls it ‘the Field’ (ref. The Joseph Communications book series by Michael G. Reccia). Thus it is not a vision of the future, but a vision of the present state of our civilization.

A warning and a wake up call

This ‘field’ was originally a positive Field of Light, created by and serving mankind, but has been polluted over the years by our collective destructive negative thoughts (and actions) — and it has been getting worse, turning it into a dark cloud! With recent events, including the ‘scourge of fear’ that is sweeping across our planet, it is getting darker!

Our civilization is on the brink of extinction

A catastrophic event can and will end our civilization — and we are headed in that direction — unless we collectively and individually take responsibility for the present state of our planet and civilization, without guilt or blame, and start to project positive thoughts, not fear, in order to cleanse the ‘field’ and restore it to the Field of Light that it was originally.

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