Bokonamirus 2020 two — D day and the days that followed


I now call it d-day or deception day in retrospect. It was the same day in March that I spent my last day in a coffee shop, dining in (seems a distant memory as of this writing in July), with my wife, before ‘all hell broke loose’, as they say.

That evening I received a very long text from my step-daughter, frantically explaining that this new bokonamirus may infect up to 70% of Canadians with a mortality rate of between two and three percent. My gosh, more that half a million may die of this in Canada alone, and what, five million in the USA! Don’t even want to think how many will die worldwide!

As I kept reading the text my head started spinning. Long list of ‘essentials’ I should buy or order immediately, enough to last at least a month. I got to hurry because store shelves everywhere are being literally ‘cleaned out’ as I am reading this list! Stock up on food, paper goods, and oh, especially toilet paper!

the next day

It’s a good thing we just did a major grocery shopping a few days ago because we are good to go for at least two weeks.

The next day I went to check out a local grocery store, a large No Frills. What a sight! Every cash with long lines, shelves cleaned out of canned goods, all breads, paper goods (and yes, including toilet paper, paper towels and tissue). I wasn’t going to go on a treasure hunt so I decided to leave and entered the local Metro, another large grocery. Same thing, but this time the lines were diminishing with not much left to buy. I picked up a few packages of coffee ‘T-Disks’ for our Tassimo, some packages of granola bars and left. Enough to set up my own personal coffee shop at home.

the next couple of weeks and my first apocalyptic vision

Each day I turned on the tv only to hear the same mantra repeated over and over by our prime minister: “stay home, stay safe”. He could have perhaps saved some taxpayer money by training a parrot. And you would be able to hear it more clearly as it would not be wearing a mask (one hopes)!

Well, my wife and I stayed home for days, making our own coffee and tea, eating snacks…
Sometimes we were brave enough to venture out for short walks, just to get some fresh air. And what did we witness? Almost no one in sight, streets were virtually empty of traffic of any kind. Surreal. And if someone did approach, they invariably either crossed the street or pulled themselves away from us at least 20 feet into the street to avoid us!

Watching main stream news got tiresome, watching our minister of propaganda (actually, our Canadian ‘chief public health officer’) keep repeating the same song and dance of ‘bomik91’, how dangerous it is, how we need to keep practicing ‘social distancing’, cleaning and more cleaning of surfaces, washing our hands a hundred times a day etc.

I have to admit that, just in case, my wife and I were concerned enough to begin the ritual of wiping surfaces with Lysol. Door knobs and handles, car steering wheel, even surfaces at the coin laundry, when I was brave enough to venture there.

first apocalyptic vision

apocalypse: revelation

This, my first ‘vision’ to do with the current world crisis, I actually experienced in 2019, can’t remember the exact month or day, only that it seemed at the time to do with something that may or may not happen sometime in the future. Little did I realize at the time that it just may have to do with what will be going on in the near future, perhaps the year 2020?

Since then (my first vision) I have had four more as of this writing (July, 2020). So I decided to create what I call the ‘James Book of Revelation’, which includes all five visions, One to Five.


1. this is part two of this series
2. about the word bokonamirus: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter r for the letter k, and the letter v for the letter m and you get the ‘c’ word, a word I choose not to speak or think about, because doing so embeds it in the subconscious, making something real out of something that may be false. You see, the more one uses a certain word or expression, the more it and its implications become part of one’s reality, reality as one perceives it, not necessarily the reality behind the facade or illusion that the word creates.
3. about the word bomik91: substitute the letter c for the letter b, the letter v for the letter m, the letter d for the letter k, and reverse the two digits of 91. This is the new term for spreading fear throughout the world. You hear and see it everywhere, main stream media especially. Beware the bomik91 monster, it will get you if you are not careful! Nice touch. It is in actuality another version or strain of a common group of bokonamiruses —in fact, not as deadly as first thought, and includes the common cold.

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