A Message from Antocal Nesdi — a crisis of manipulation

Antocal Nesdi, Spiritual Leader from Andes, Colombia, South America

Please read the following message regarding what is happening around the world, that is, the attack on humanity by dark forces, according to Antocal Nesdi and her guides. I emphasized phrases that I found especially helpful and important.


introduction (ref. http://theearthplan.blogspot.com/2020/04/cv-message-from-antocal-nesdi-spiritual.html)

This message was recorded in Los Angeles, at the end of March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown imposed in California due to the projected risks associated with the propagation of the Coronavirus.

This recording is intended for the spiritual leaders of the Cordillera of the Andes. However, the teachings offered here can be put in practice by any individual awaken or walking the path of awakening.

While all gatherings – religious included – have been forbidden almost worldwide, today each and every one of us, all of us, wherever we may be, have the opportunity and the responsibility to convert ourselves into a channel of peace, love and light from the intimacy of our hearts.

the message (ref. http://theearthplan.blogspot.com/2020/04/transcript-antocal-nesdi-cv-message.html)

“Very good day to you all my brothers
A very good moment to all the beings on earth
This is a message I’d been waiting for a long time
But even more since the moment we arrived here in Los Angeles
As all of you know, we started this journey from Colombia,
To arrive here, in this territory of the United States
The doors have been opened to us in a way very Very smooth, during all this process that we undertook
And yet, here we are in this moment of catharsis, in this moment of crisis
In which I asked myself
What is the reason for our presence here ?

Well, yesterday, the message I’d been waiting for so long has arrived,
The message they transmit to all the leaders of the Andes, in the Cordillera of the Andes
Is that we must remain very quiet

To begin, we have been very blessed, for many years
If not for our entire lives
Because we’ve been living in a territory where you breathe fresh air
Where you breathe the energy of the mountains
Of the earth, the rivers, the waterfalls

And all of us, who are living in the countryside,
In the eco-villages, in the mountains

We’ve been charging ourselves infinitely with a great energy
To be able to help during these times
During which humanity has entered in this crisis of manipulation

But which is also a learning experience for each one of us
Whatever level we find ourselves in the process of life
We are not all on the same level

This is the information the higher guides share with us
We are all in different vibrations

That is why this process that we are living
Each one of us will live it in a different way

Some with pain
Some with fear
Others with worries
Others with lots, lots, lots of abundance

That is why we, who have been working as light facilitators
We‘ve always called ourselves as lighthouses
As these sparkles of light, present here and ready to help humanity

Well the moment has arrived my dear brothers
The message they send us
ls that each one of us
Has been sent to a different place on Earth
As lighthouses

Each one of us has been placed
To the East, to the West, to the North and to the South

And each one of us has been placed there
To accomplish his task

The higher guides ask us
Not to go back home
Not to go back to our houses

Because through our will,
We’ve made ourselves available to the higher energies
To be able to help out all our brothers

l asked what rituals we could do
Because today is the day we do the rituals

And, it is with lots of emotions that I express myself,
But with emotions of joy regarding what the older brothers tell us

They say that we did lots of rituals
That we have lit many fires
That we‘ve raised many prayers
That is why the fires are already activated all over the Earth
That is why our prayers have been received and our goal reached

They say that now is the moment
To maintain ourselves as energy projectors
Whatever location we find ourselves in this experience

For me personally and the old man
The location we’ve been placed in is Los Angeles, California
A place where we are invited to activate the real light angels
Because currently, the fallen angels and the angels of darkness
Are doing their task

But it is nothing else than
To confront ourselves

If we are Light workers
Then we are going to resolve it through Light
And this Light is nothing else than harmony,tranquility, peace
But an interior tranquility, harmony and peace
That we carry in our heart

The message is that we must remain
In a state of complete calmness
In complete harmony

And we must observe ourselves, at all times
At night, during the day, in every moment
Observe with whom we find ourselves, with whom we share

“The message is that
When we feel, on the emotional level or on the mental plane
That we receive a certain energy of fear, of worry, of doubts
Then we must recognize that this energy is not ours
It is simply the energy of the others
Which is coming towards us so that we can transform ourselves
Into catalysts of that energy, we transmute it,
And we release it again, converted in light

They say we don’t have to do any ritual
Because it is not the exterior rituals which serve us
But it is the ritual I do inside myself

They say that when my heart is calm
When my emotions are quieted
When my mental is quieted
Then my spirit can manifest itself to elevate
The higher vibrations among those
Who are not yet conscious

That is why they shouted and fought in the supermarkets
Because they’ve been taught to think through their stomach
They’ve been taught to feel from the perspective of shortage and deprivation

But we are on another vibration
Each of one us has been placed in the location appropriate for him
Filled with abundance, with protection
Filled with health, but above all
Filled with consciousness

And that consciousness that we’ve been collecting for so long
It is our contribution to humanity

Thus I invite you,wherever you find yourself
Be it surrounded by people or be it in solitude
Truly transform yourself into a lighthouse
Transform yourself in a catalyst for the energies
That our brothers send for us to help catalyze it

These energies of those who don’t know how to transmute them
Who are not conscious
Who still are under the veil

And we have the responsibility
To help take that veil off

From the highest part of the Spirit, this great mystery, this great Spirit
This great Being whom we invoke so much
Invites us to remain in peace
In a state of complete calm
And in a state of complete observation

They tell us that this situation shall pass too
And when it shall have passed
Our consciousness will have accomplished the quantic jump
Which we’ve been looking forward to for so long

For which we’ve worked so much
They tell us also
That after this catharsis
Life will be wonderful
For each one of us,for those who will stay in this plane
And for those who are going to the other plane

But the moment has arrived
The decision is ours
We unite with the highest vibrations of love and energy
And in compassion,we embrace all our brothers

A big hug to each and one of you
And a very special salutation to each one of you

And we are not alone
We are not alone

All our higher guides
All the masters, all the grand-fathers
All the ancestors are already active
Their medicine have already been activated
Their memories have already been activated

So that the last thing we have to do is to embrace our brothers
And if not with that physical hug
With that energetic hug
Of love and of light

With you all

From Los Angeles, CA

Good experience
Good life”

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