What are those orbs that are often seen by Native Americans in Arizona?

I can just see the smile on the weather beaten face of an elderly Navajo as she observes an ‘orb’ approaching at about eye level at perhaps only a dozen metres away. A single bright and glowing ball of light about the size of a baseball, could be violet, blue, maybe pink — and in broad daylight!

Why the smile? More like a ‘knowing’ smile. Knowing that this orb is a spirit being, a light being, perhaps the spirit of an ancient ancestor? And why manifest as an ‘orb’? Why not reveal an actual form?

All I know is that if an actual ‘form’ were to manifest of out thin air, it might scare the heck out of anyone, even the Navajo! The poor person might even have a heart attack! This is not to say that these beings lack the ability to manifest as anything but a ball of light. I suspect that they appear this way as not to frighten us, as an adult would not wish to frighten a child. A small orb is less likely to frighten us and given time, becomes a familiar sight, thus revealing itself as a spiritual being in the most gentle way.

The following is an excerpt from a website dedicated to Helen Frye, who made Sedona, Arizona her home long before the onslaught of tourism, commercialism and the ‘new agers’ who came later.

“I recall several incidents in the year I spent with Helen when we were sitting outside on the patio or we took an evening walk together. The blue light, like a sphere or orb, would appear from 100 to 150 feet away at 5 to 10 feet off the ground. Once, I recall Helen talking to it and it got brighter and closer in response to her. I also recall when I asked Helen what the blue light was, she said, ‘it is the spirit of the Indians who had lived here in the past and they are the keepers of the area protecting the holy sites and burial locations.’ I asked if she could summon them. She said, ‘not always, but sometimes.’ I was present on several occasions when Helen did call them in. You had asked how many times I had seen them with Helen and by myself. I believe I saw them with Helen, probably 30-35 times, by myself, another 7-8 times, and with Helen’s friends, or Faye, 3-4 times.”

To learn more about Helen Frye and her extraordinary experiences in Sedona, see:


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