Preferred method of space travel by extraterrestrials

No, their preferred method of travel is not on a starship like you see on Star Trek or Star Wars, or on the other space channel shows you see on TV for that matter!

Extraterrestrials travel either solo, in small groups, or sometimes, in very large ‘formations’. But what kind of vehicle do they use? The answer is, for the most part, they do not need a vehicle at all in the conventional sense! That is, made from materials such as steel, glass or other ‘matter’.

As spiritual beings — essentially that is what they are — extraterrestrials, or ‘aliens’ if you wish to call them that, are not limited to what a physical form is capable of, in terms of mobility. Neither are they limited to travel within our known universe — they ‘move’ through multiple dimensions.

Then why is it that UFO sightings include seeing what appear to be spaceships? Triangular ones, saucer and cigar shapes, and so on? For the most part, the mind will see what it wants to see! Typically, the most spectacular sightings are formations of bright lights in the sky, usually forming a recognizable shape such as a V. But, of course, this set of lights must be attached to something like a large craft of some sort, right?

What is really baffling is how this ‘spacecraft’ can make sudden directional shifts, can accelerate faster than anything we can put up in the sky, and can even appear suddenly, or suddenly vanish without a trace! There is even an account of a square shaped UFO transforming itself into other shapes such as a circle or triangle!

If I draw three dots on a piece of paper, the mind will form a triangle. If you look up in the sky and see a moving ring of lights, the mind will see a flying saucer! Why? Because a moving ring of lights only, not fixed to anything, is not part of common experience, and exists outside of most belief systems.

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