Welcome to our multidimensional universe!

Many physicists (and astro-physicists and mathematicians among others) now theorize the existence of multiple dimensions or universes — that we exist in a multidimensional universe. This is not a new idea. However, as yet, and according to these ‘theorists’, there is no real ‘evidence’ that other dimensions even exist. But that is from an entirely scientific perspective that mystics, past and present, would only laugh at!

Why do I say this? And what constitutes another dimension or universe? And what is a mystic? What do they know that most of us have little or no awareness of? Read my blog posts and I will answer these questions and many more!

Just to give you preview of things to come, in my next post I will show you how it’s possible to visit your favourite coffee shop on the other side (in a heaven of sorts) and even have a coffee!

My name is James Davidovich, creator of the Active Healing method of self healing and author of Active Healing and Body Restoration, a book about alternative methods of healing. I have a separate blog where I post topics to do with natural healing.