Move over Harry Potter — broomsticks are not necessary in this realm!

Broomsticks for flying, that is!


In case you are not familiar with the Harry Potter novels by the British author J.K. Rowling, and their subsequent films, here is a brief introduction. In her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, first published in 1997 and made into a movie in 2001, Harry Potter, the main character of the story, a youth aged 11 with magical abilities, is admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This school exists in a sort of parallel world that can only be accessed by passing through a brick wall ‘portal’ at a London train station and boarding a special train in the alternate universe that takes you to the school.

Flying lessons at the school — for wizards

One of the first things new students learn at the school is how to fly — using a broom. Not an ordinary broom though, but one having ‘magical’ properties, giving wizards the ability to fly. It takes some practice to be able to maneuver while flying and you must lose your fear of flying if you wish to be successful at it.

Flying lessons for non-wizards — fiction vs reality in the inner worlds

The Fiction: Broomstick flying training at Hogwarts

The Reality: flying training and experience within the inner dimensions

When comparing the above, there really is no comparison! Broomstick flying is like a child riding a tricycle compared to what is possible with ‘spirit’ flight! What follows is only a small sampling of what is possible.

Just to be clear on this, these experiences are not with my physical body and occur mostly within the dreamstate, in full consciousness with my inner or ‘spirit’ body. They can also be triggered within meditative states, also while fully conscious.

flying maneuvers/training — the river and the cliff

Standing at the edge of a high cliff, I could see the river below, a sheer drop of about 100 feet. I knew (somehow) that there were large openings, like cave entrances, on the side of the cliff below me that I could not see or access from where I was standing.

Desiring to visit and investigate what was in these ‘caves’, I decided to jump (fly) off the cliff. With arms outstretched like a large bird, I floated down rather quickly, at the same time turning to face the cave entrances. As I descended down the side of the cliff, I slowed down (decelerated) and flew into a large opening and landed inside. Inside I found many people there, all milling about what appeared to be a large area, much like within a large area of a department store.

descending staircases — a faster way

It sometimes happens that I find myself standing at the top of a long and wide staircase in some large building. I lift off the floor at the top and gently float down to the bottom, all the while being only about a foot or so above each step. My ‘arms’ may or may not be outstretched in the manner of a bird’s wings just like a bird being carried by gentle breezes. Maneuvering down multiple staircases with landings is a bit more complicated as it takes more skill to make the turns at each landing. You can go slow at first and pick up speed as you acquire the skill, it’s all about mental control.

island hopping

A very large training pool containing many islands, each island 2-5 feet in diameter (approximately), in different shapes, kidney, oval etc. Object is to jump from one to another, distances ranging from 15 – 50 feet. The skill is not just in the distance, but in the ‘grace’, like doing a ballet dance, controlling speed, acceleration and slowing down for soft landings — on the island and not in the water!

riding the rails

Another flying maneuver (lots of fun if you have the skill and experience) is to follow (fly) alongside (as closely as possible) a fast train through some landscape, especially if the train has to make make sharp twists and turns, ups and downs as through a mountainous landscape, or through some strange ‘other world’ city.

* Note that there is no limitation as to the inner dimension in which you are having the experience — your inner or spirit ‘body’ has no limitations, you just have to learn better control and have better awareness!

skiing without skis

Another fun sport is to ‘ski’ down a mountain slope (ski run) or ‘toboggan’ down a steep hill, both of course without any toboggan or skis — see how fast you can go without losing balance or control.

a better hoverboard experience

Another meeting on some inner plane world. I’m not fond of these meetings, so I usually take my time getting there, even though I could just ‘appear’. This time, however, I decided to take a slower route, walking along a narrow stone ledge, or rather ‘hopping’, just like I used to do as a child. I then realized I needed to speed up as I saw a large stretch of grassy lawn ahead of me that I had to cross. Whether I was already wearing a pair of sandals or materialized a pair I don’t quite remember but I used them as a pair of ‘hoversandals’ to glide across the lawn, controlling the speed and direction with my mind. Much more fun to get to meetings that way!

elastic beam ‘ride’

Found myself hanging on to a very high square beam, must have been at least 50 stories high and only about a five foot square on the top flat surface, upon which I hung — not a nice feeling if you if have any fear or apprehension about being so high up on such a small surface! Looking down, I could see the landscape all around and at the very bottom I could see that this ‘beam’ was emerging out of a small lake.

It must have been very windy because I could see the waves down below and this narrow ‘beam’ began to sway as if made from rubber! It began to sway so much that it moved at high speed in a large arc, with me still hanging on! I guess this was meant to be a ‘fun’ ride!

As you can see from the above examples, the possibilities are endless. All perceived limitations are of the mind, as are all fears. Watch for more about this in a future post.

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