Did you know you can have a Tim Hortons coffee in a parallel world on the other side?

That’s right, Tim Hortons in Heaven! This real first post of mine on this blog is an introduction of sorts to the grand, unseen worlds beyond our small three-dimensional planet.

I’m starting with this first ‘coffee shop’ post for no other reason than it being something I experienced recently, the other day as a matter of fact (* see note at end of this post). For those of you not familiar with Tim Hortons, it is a coffee and donuts (that’s how it originally started) chain with thousands of locations all across Canada, hundreds in the U.S. and even some in the Middle East! It may not be your favourite coffee shop, but it is ‘heaven’ for many Tim Hortons patrons, who would be disappointed if there were not one located in their neighbourhood — just as disappointing as for a Starbucks lover who couldn’t find one within a short driving distance!

Now for my little adventure.

Moving along a street on some inner plane city (a parallel world to this one), and not unlike a typical Canadian or American city, to my utter astonishment, I spotted a Tim Hortons! As an aside, when I say ‘moving’, that could mean walking, floating or even flying since cars are not necessary here. It is what you believe you can do here that determines your mode of travel.

If you have ever had to stand in a long line waiting to be served, in a restaurant or any other establishment, you know how frustrating it can be! Well, this was not the case here. There was a long line, but somehow I got my order (coffee and apple fritter) almost immediately! Service was instantaneous. It seems time and space operate much differently here. In case you are wondering, I did actually taste the coffee!

Now how can a Tim Horton establishment, or any structure for that matter, be built on a parallel world? And by whom? A good question! The answer can be as simple as you think it can be!

Let me put it this way, as an analogy. If enough people here (in our world) put their attention on a building project, eventually it will manifest (will be built). The main difference is that in the parallel world, if enough people are interested in seeing/creating a Tim Hortons, they will manifest it very quickly using ‘mind / thought projection’ — tools, cranes and other equipment not necessary! Here it takes so much longer! A city building project here can take months, even years, depending on the complexity, amount of planning, how many people are involved, etc.

Some time ago, as I was a member of AMORC (Rosicrucian Order), I was introduced in one of their ‘lessons’ the idea of the Rosicrucian ‘cathedral in the sky’. It was described as a real place created by mind projection, by members of the Order. This was not a physical structure as they have here (in California). This was an inner plane structure that can be ‘visited’ while in a meditative or dream state!

So, if the Rosicrucians can have their ‘cathedral in the sky’, why not lovers of Tim Hortons have their own ‘coffee shop in the sky’!

* I am posting this today, Sunday, June 7, 2020, but I actually wrote this post during the first week of March, 2020, just before our world entered into what I now call ‘a very sad phase’. Since then, and even still as I write this note, I can only get my Tim Horton coffee as a take-out, and I either take it home or sip it in my car, or maybe standing outside my car, weather permitting of course. Not happy about this!

P.S. I make no attempt in any of my posts to answer every question that you can possibly raise in your mind while reading them. It is in the very nature of answers that they raise even more questions. Sometimes one answer can lead to 10 more questions — and it can go on ad infinitum! That, besides the fact that I don’t have all the answers — learning new things also goes on ad infinitum! What I can promise you is this: Read my posts and you will come to a greater understanding of the nature of our multidimensional universe.

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