Rolfing — one method to effectively release past emotional scars

Ida Rolf, as explained in her book rolfing, recognized how emotional traumas have left deep-seated emotional ‘scars’ in her patients. Using her system of deep massage (which evolved from her practice as a chiropractor), she realized that not only was she making structural adjustments to the physical body, she was also releasing emotional traumas. Sometimes, during her treatments, her patients would relive long-forgotten experiences which formed the scars in the first place.

I must mention here that if too much of the past is suddenly re-experienced (or ‘remembered’), more harm can be done than good, creating a temporary emotional imbalance. Anxiety dreams may also be triggered, and this can be very disorienting in terms of your daily living routine.

There is plenty of information on the internet about the rolfing method (technically called ‘structural integration’) should you be interested in learning more.

Using my own method I call Active Healing and using the techniques discussed in my book, specifically to the area of the solar plexus (and lower back), it was possible for me to achieve the same results, by a process of slowly releasing the tensions residing in the deep-seated tissues of the stomach and ‘belly-button’ area.

As a preview of my method, I will include in my next post a technique you can use that directs energy to every part of the body, awakening each cell and allowing each cell to rejuve­nate itself.

* This post is an excerpt from my book, Active Healing and Body Restoration. For more information about my book, see

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