Rolfing — one method to effectively release past emotional scars

Ida Rolf, as explained in her book rolfing, recognized how emotional traumas have left deep-seated emotional ‘scars’ in her patients. Using her system of deep massage (which evolved from her practice as a chiropractor), she realized that not only was she making structural adjustments to the physical body, she was also releasing emotional traumas. Sometimes, during her treatments, her patients would relive long-forgotten experiences which formed the scars in the first place.

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The solar plexus — a common trouble spot

The Solar Plexus is the common name for a network of nerves in the area just above the belly button. It is not important to know what the physical functions of this set of nerves is, only that this general area is directly affected by one’s emotional state, and in turn affects the stomach and all of the nerves, muscles and connective tissues in the immediate proximity.

Mystics have long known about this ‘emotional centre’ that has given us so much trouble. The great Tibetan saint Milarepa of the 11th century, who spent years meditating in a cave, knew that to achieve his goal of freedom, one of the things he had to do was to release himself from the bonds and grip that the emotional centre had over him.

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