What are those orbs that are often seen by Native Americans in Arizona?

I can just see the smile on the weather beaten face of an elderly Navajo as she observes an ‘orb’ approaching at about eye level at perhaps only a dozen metres away. A single bright and glowing ball of light about the size of a baseball, could be violet, blue, maybe pink — and in broad daylight!

Why the smile? More like a ‘knowing’ smile. Knowing that this orb is a spirit being, a light being, perhaps the spirit of an ancient ancestor? And why manifest as an ‘orb’? Why not reveal an actual form?

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Preferred method of space travel by extraterrestrials

No, their preferred method of travel is not on a starship like you see on Star Trek or Star Wars, or on the other space channel shows you see on TV for that matter!

Extraterrestrials travel either solo, in small groups, or sometimes, in very large ‘formations’. But what kind of vehicle do they use? The answer is, for the most part, they do not need a vehicle at all in the conventional sense! That is, made from materials such as steel, glass or other ‘matter’.

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Welcome to my space blog!

Welcome to my space blog! A virtual journey to the stars! I say ‘virtual’ because it is not using conventional means such a starship or shuttle craft like you see on Star Trek.

However, neither is it within my ‘imagination’. Thus, this journey that you are about to embark on with me is based on personal memories of real experiences. The timeline is loose and non-linear (that is, not in any chronological order), as I draw from memories that span many years, in addition to ‘new’ journeys.

Let me explain. My earliest sojourns beyond the confines of our planet’s (planet earth that is!) atmosphere started out as OBEs, or Out of Body Experiences. These are conscious movements of our ‘spirit’ body, leaving our ‘physical’ body behind and traveling to ‘unknown parts’. They can vary in many states of awareness ranging from a fully awakened or aware/conscious state to a dreamlike/semi-conscious state with minimal awareness but sufficient enough to recall the gist or substance of the experience.

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My name is James Davidovich, creator of the Active Healing method of self healing and author of Active Healing and Body Restoration, a book about alternative methods of healing. I have a separate blog where I post topics to do with natural healing.