How to achieve your ideal weight without strenuous exercise or a special diet

What follows are only some of my own personal thoughts and ideas I have on this volatile topic of body weight!

Growing up, I never had a problem of being viewed as overweight, unlike the apparent epidemic in our modern society. On the contrary, I was a skinny adolescent, with a serious problem of how to gain weight and improve my self-esteem. I tried taking weight gaining supplements in conjunction with exercise with weights, in order to gain the right kind of weight, of course. Gaining some strength but not much weight I finally gave up on this approach and then tried a method that worked. All it took was a couple of years of adding hot dogs, chocolate milk and apple pie to my daily diet! It wasn’t really the kind of weight and physical appearance I was looking for, ideally, but I felt much better because I didn’t look skinny any more and felt more acceptable in social circles, they being so highly self-conscious and competitive as they are.

Looking back, and years later, I realized that I had put too much emphasis on my physical appearance to determine my self-esteem. A high school classmate of mine had no problem with self-esteem and shyness even though he was skinnier than me and had a bad case of acne! What he did have, in my estimation, was a sense of self-worth linked directly to his interest and passion for music, leading to his formation of his own jazz band. So…

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