Active Healing and Body Restoration: Learn the Art & Science of Self Healing by tapping the True Fountain of Youth Within You

Active Healing and Body Restoration

Active Healingtm is a holistic, self healing method with specific techniques based upon Universal Principles, that taps the real fountain of youth within you, helping you to rejuvenate your body and all its functions. The effectiveness of the Active Healing method is not dependent on the current state of our technology, medical or otherwise — it would work for a person living thousands of years ago as well as for a person living thousands of years from now.

Active Healing is the Ancient Science of Self Healing

Active Healingtm is not limited to alleviating pain and reversing disorders. Continuing with the techniques of Active Healing, full restoration of the physical body to its ideal state is possible. It doesn’t even matter at what age you start using the system, or what physical condition you are in. What is truly astounding about this method is that all of this can be achieved without drugs, special creams, copper bracelets or other gadgets. It is not even necessary to do vigorous physical exercises or adhere to special diets. All of the results are achieved using your own effort, and with your own God-given natural attributes — the ability to think, imagine, focus your attention and observe.

Active Healing is a method of self healing that consists of simple, natural techniques that, if applied, can bring dramatic results within a short period of time

By practicing the techniques outlined in the Active Healing method of self healing you can...

Additionally, you will...

Active Healing will help you by removing the mystery and cutting through the illusions of disease and aging. It will...

These are some of the things you will learn about self healing that are included in the book:

What kinds of physical conditions and ailments does
Active Healing address?

Virtually any condition that has been produced by stress on the body can be eliminated by continued practice of the Active Healing techniques. My book discusses in detail about how ‘diseases’ are developed by stresses that deplete energy in the body. These conditions include the following for which terms have been invented by the medical establishment for easier diagnosis (and treatment with drugs and other expensive therapies!):

According to Deepak Chopra, healing first takes place on a subtle energy level in what he calls the ‘quantum mechanical body’. The first key then is to reach that state as easily and as effortlessly as possible. I show you the way to do this.

Active Healing is holistic — it does not zero in on specific bodily conditions or treat symptoms — it is concerned with the whole individual — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. However, the Active Healing techniques start with certain physical conditions that are primary causes or underlying causes. These are explained in detail.

Also included is a special section with discourses on
various topics including...

You Can Benefit from practicing the Active Healing techniques
if you have a strong desire to...

Active Healing and Body Restoration discusses how and why we experience pain, and its relationship to trauma, stress, energy and circulation, and describes in detail the Active Healing method of self-healing, including simple techniques that anyone can learn to use. You will also learn about ‘cell memory’ and the body’s state, and how deterioration of tissue systems happen over time.

Active Healing is not just a book, it is a System of Self Healing, a path of awareness and discovery, a Path to a Better YOU!

Active Healing and Body Restoration — only US$14.50
ISBN 978-0993917103



If I use your method, should I stop other treatments that I am undergoing?

You do not have to stop any treatments that you are now undergoing. Active Healing does not interfere with other forms of treatment.

How long will it take to get results and how much time do I need to spend each day?

You will start to feel a difference within a few weeks, providing that you practice the techniques for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

Do I need to continue with the program, even after the pain (of fibromyalgia, rheumatism etc.) has disappeared or has been greatly reduced?

It is best to continue to practice the techniques to ensure that symptoms of pain do not return due to the stresses of daily living. Continuing with the system will also improve circulation throughout your whole body, giving you more energy to do more things, as well as giving you a more positive outlook on life. Continuing practicing the techniques will enable you to go into even deeper levels of healing, even to the degree of correcting structural conditions.

I am still young and do not have any illnesses and I am in good health. Can your system be of any benefit to me?

You will benefit from practising the Active Healing techniques regardless of your age and state of health. Slowing down, halting and even reversing many conditions is possible even if no obvious symptoms have yet manifested. There is no proof anywhere that such things as old age, poor eyesight, muscle stiffness etc. are “natural”.

Why haven’t I heard of anything like this method before? If the techniques and theory are based on universal principles, wouldn’t it have been discovered long ago by others?

Universal principles have been known and written about by others throughout the history of mankind. They are nothing new. Neither are they revealed exclusively to individuals who meditate for years in caves or on mountain tops. The truth about things is available to everyone. If you have the desire, determination and the tenacity, you too can find answers to questions you have raised in your own life’s journey.


James Davidovich

James Davidovich

James Davidovich is the creator of the Active Healing method of self healing and author of Active Healing and Body Restoration. He has successfully healed himself of many painful and serious conditions such as fibromyalgia, TMJ, skeletomuscular problems and poor eyesight using his energy healing methods.

My Story — What drove me to search for healing methods that worked?

Since my late teens, I have been searching for answers — answers to fundamental questions of life. These include: “Why do we get sick, suffer pain, grow old and die? Are these things inevitable or can we do something about it? Is there a greater power in existence that can guide and heal us or are we alone?” — You get the picture! These questions were prompted by my own struggle with debilitating physical conditions for which I found little or no help from traditional and even some non-traditional medicine and therapies.

Excruciating pain, stiffness everywhere, very poor eyesight and other symptoms affected every area of my life. The term ‘fibromyalgia’ had not been invented yet and the answer to poor eyesight was always, of course, stronger and stronger glasses.

In my Quest, I have researched and tried reflexology, yoga, acupuncture, transcendental meditation, positive thinking & affirmations, psychology, philosophy, religion, mysticism and just about anything that I felt might help me find the answers I was seeking. Although I found some of these to be helpful and inspiring, none gave me the practical techniques that would alleviate my physical conditions.

With persistence however, and guided by my ‘dreams’ and Higher Self, I have found a way to alleviate and reverse many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, poor eyesight and back problems to mention only a few. I have compiled everything I learned (and more) and I am now offering it to you in my book Active Healing and Body Restoration.