James Book of Revelation: Three

journal entry, forgotten until May, 2020

A journal entry I made, dated January 10, 2020, and entirely forgotten by me until May, came as a shock as I read it, as I remembered the prophetic ‘vision’ and its dark implications for our planet and our civilization.

spiritual movie theatre

A meditation technique I often use is the ‘movie theatre’ technique. That’s if I don’t have too many thoughts streaming through my mind, and I can easily let go of the ones I have. And unlike being in a real movie theatre where you will miss the whole movie if you dwell on thoughts instead paying attention to what is on the screen — there won’t even be a movie to see.

The key to this technique is ‘expectation’ or ‘anticipation’. It’s like being in a real movie theatre, looking at the large dark picture screen just before the movie begins and after the lights have dimmed. Your whole focus is on the dark screen in front of you, not on any thoughts, worries, or the popcorn for that matter!

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Bokonamirus 2020 four — April, May and June

freedom from fear — the day after vision four

Vision four: ‘soap bubbles’. For the first time since d-day (read ‘deception’ day) I no longer feared ‘catching’ something that virtually everyone on the planet believes has a high mortality rate and can kill you or make you very sick if you’re not being extremely careful.

No more obsessive hand washing and cleaning of surfaces with isopropyl alcohol a.k.a ‘hand sanitizer’ — a chemical that is really more dangerous to your health than any ‘virus’.

I could actually go out and breathe the fresh air without fearing some deadly contagion is floating with it. And get some sun at the same time.

Going into stores I was no longer hesitant to touch surfaces like counters, touch products on shelves without wearing gloves (never did wear them anyway!). And not afraid to touch my face after touching multiple surfaces.

challenging times

You would think that being liberated from this particular fear made life easier during this time. In one obvious way it did, but life also became challenging. But not in the way our government and main stream media presented it! That is, having to ‘social distance’, avoid friends, wash hands frequently, use a hand sanitizer…

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James Book of Revelation: Four

deeply concerned about this new ‘coronavirus’, I asked for help

How long am I going to continue to clean surfaces, be careful what I touch, avoid people, have my coffee breaks at home (or in my car) and worry about how dangerous this is should I be so unlucky as to ‘catch’ this? After all, my wife and I are both over 65 and so considered to be in the ‘most vulnerable’ age group where it could be life-threatening.

So one night, just before retiring for the day, I decided to ask for help from our Creator. That night, in a vision, I got my answer.

ask and it shall be given

Or it’s ‘ask and thou shalt receive’, from Matthew 7:7 in the Bible (I looked it up). I have asked Spirit questions many times in the past (and still have many questions!) regarding my spiritual life — and questions to do with relationship issues, financial issues and health issues — usually during meditation, contemplation or before going to sleep at night. Most of the time I don’t get an answer that I can remember, is clear enough, or that makes sense. That’s if I get an answer at all!

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Bokonamirus 2020 three — isolation and free time — my blogs

isolation and free time

I should really call it relative isolation since my wife and I did go out each day for short walks in our neighbourhood. And I did drive to local stores, the ones that were deemed ‘essential’, to get groceries. Our government advised everyone to go out only to get groceries or medicine, once a week by a ‘designated’ person in the household.

In order to avoid long lines of shoppers, all six feet apart from each other, all waiting for a signal from a store employee that would allow the next shopper or two to enter, I tried to find times when most shoppers had other things on their minds than shopping. Of course, I could show up at the designated ‘senior hour’, but 7 am was too early for me as I preferred to sleep in rather than face a world gone mad.

Meanwhile my favourite ‘gurus’ on Instagram were flashing messages about staying ‘calm’ and using this newly discovered ‘free time’ to start a new hobby or catch up on some old ones that have been on hold. Fine for me and my wife as we are both officially ‘retired’ and on pension, although we still depend on income from our online business to pay our bills. But what about those persons who have just lost their jobs and the businesses that were forced to close due to the ‘lockdown’? Free time can be quite expensive!

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James Book of Revelation: One

I saw it coming, I saw something coming! You see, from time to time I get these prophetic ‘visions’, during an altered consciousness state while meditating or in an especially lucid ‘dream’ state. I don’t make it a practice to try and predict the future — I’m not in the fortune telling business! And I really don’t know why Spirit sends me these visions. I suppose so that I would write about them, (eventually), so I’m a ‘messenger’ of sorts.

As anybody who attempts to make future world predictions knows, prophetic dreams or visions are usually symbolical, requiring ‘interpretation’. My own vision regarding what is currently happening (albeit in retrospect!), what main stream media refer to as the ‘pandemic’, is no different.

What follows is my take on what has been happening, and is still happening (in the present year of 2020), on our planet Earth and in the subtle planes near our Earth plane.

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Bokonamirus 2020 two — D day and the days that followed


I now call it d-day or deception day in retrospect. It was the same day in March that I spent my last day in a coffee shop, dining in (seems a distant memory as of this writing in July), with my wife, before ‘all hell broke loose’, as they say.

That evening I received a very long text from my step-daughter, frantically explaining that this new bokonamirus may infect up to 70% of Canadians with a mortality rate of between two and three percent. My gosh, more that half a million may die of this in Canada alone, and what, five million in the USA! Don’t even want to think how many will die worldwide!

As I kept reading the text my head started spinning. Long list of ‘essentials’ I should buy or order immediately, enough to last at least a month. I got to hurry because store shelves everywhere are being literally ‘cleaned out’ as I am reading this list! Stock up on food, paper goods, and oh, especially toilet paper!

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Bokonamirus 2020 one — the day it started for me, and the days that followed

in the beginning

Where do I begin? Oh yes, somewhere near the beginning of March, 2020, some buzzword going around called ‘bokonamirus’ (see ‘Notes’ below for meaning). I got it! There is a new flu bug going around, making people kind of nervous, more nervous than usual at this time of year, being in the middle of the flu season.

Well, I didn’t think much of it at first, having seen this sort of thing happen before, in 2009 (*1*1), in 2003 (mars), and every year people always so eager to line up for their annual flu shot. I never had a flu shot in my life (and at this writing I’m 71), never panicked, and rarely got sick with anything other than a mild cold. I say rarely, because I have had the flu three times in my life that I can remember, the first time as a teenager and the last about 10 years ago. Never did anything about it except stayed in bed, ate chicken soup, took aspirin (I think), and got over the unpleasant experience in about a week. Each time, though, I landed in bed after abusing my immune system by exposing myself to extreme cold (Canadian winters, eh!) without dressing appropriately.

I noticed something different this time, though. Every time I went to a coffee shop and asked for a mug for my coffee (I prefer to taste the coffee, not the cardboard or plastic), the response was invariably ‘can’t give out mugs any more, you have to settle for a paper cup’. ‘Bokonamirus’ I replied? A polite nod.

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Lost Symbol series part 1: Noetics and the Ancient Mysteries

the ancient mysteries

“It’s buried somewhere out there” the antagonist (the bad guy in the story) keeps repeating in his thoughts. He believes there is a secret ‘portal’ in Washington D.C. that will lead him to ‘ancient mysteries’, and transform him into a god with unlimited power. And how does he think he’s going to find such a portal, if it exists at all? By getting the protagonist (the good guy and hero in the story) Robert Langdon to decipher for him the legendary Masonic Pyramid (which is a made up fiction in the story).

My guess is that he (the bad guy) first got the idea when he looked up at the ceiling of the US Capital dome (from inside of course) and saw the ‘Apotheosis of Washington’, a fresco painted by artist Brumidi in 1865. In it, George Washington (U.S. first president), draped in royal purple, sits in the heavens, having ascended and become a god (apotheosis).

And just what are the ancient mysteries? Well, to find out, you either have to join some secret society and achieve a high ranking status (degrees in the Masons, initiations in other organizations such as the Rosicrucians, etc), or, if that doesn’t quite appeal to you, you can try a different approach by practicing meditation or looking for a secret ‘portal’.

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Why is Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol important?


Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol was never made into a movie. It was bypassed for Inferno, his next book.

I won’t go into all the excuses that were made for not making a movie version of The Lost Symbol. Conspiracy theorists might suggest it was because of the sensitive nature of America’s history having strong ties to the Masons.

When I first read the book — and it was hard to put the book down as it is with all his books — when I came to read the last few chapters, I was somewhat disappointed with the anti-climactic ending — to say the least!

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The secret of Machu Picchu revealed

One of the most puzzling and greatest mysteries of our world that has baffled archaeologists and ‘ancient astronaut theorists’ alike are the Inca ruins known as Machu Picchu or ‘old mountain’ in Quechua, an ancient language of South America.

Ancient astronaut theorists, among others, believe that the citadel could not have been built with the limited technology of the time: made “of cut stone fit together without mortar so tightly that its cracks still can’t be penetrated by a knife blade” (ref. National Geographic).

Was it built by extraterrestrials (aliens) or perhaps with the help of extraterrestrials? Ancient astronaut theorists say ‘yes’ (ref. The History Channel). Regardless of who built it, what was its purpose? A great location for kite flying? No one seems to know! One clue is its wondrous location, overlooking the Urubamba river and valley hundreds of feet below.

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